I have over 5500 cards that I am trying to clean out of my house, the only reason I'm getting rid of most of my collection is simply I don't have the room for them. With many selections of Sports but mainly football; also included: baseball, basketball, hockey, and wrestling.

The premiere cards of my collection are:
1989 Pro Set Barry Sanders Rookie
1999 Passing Grade Vinne Testaverde
1997 Hot Persuit Eddie George
1996 Classic Autographed Amani Toomer Rookie
1989 Pro Set Troy Aikman Rookie
1997 Fleer Metal Kobe Bryant Rookie

Plus 3 complete Sets, a few boxes of cards, and a newspaper from when Cal Ripken broke "the streak." If you would like to view my collection click on the pictures/links below:

This collection is good for all types of collecters...the best bid wins and I wont accept under 30.

*If you have anymore questions feel free to email me at:

Jonathan's Sports Cards