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Thread: I GOT........

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    I GOT........

    Ud top prospects 03/04-lebron james
    Ud Victory a.k.a king 03/04-lebron james
    Ud heart of a champ 03/04-michael jordan
    Ud victory 03/04-jason richardson
    Ud top prospects 03/04-michael jordan
    Ud victory 03/04-allen iverson
    Fleer tradition 00/01-signed allen iverson
    Ud spx 00/01-tracy mcgrady
    Ud victory a.k.a vinsanity 03/04-v. Carter
    Ud victory 03/04- ben wallace
    Ud victory 03/04- caron butler
    Fleer ex 03/04-baron davis
    Ud mvp 01/02-steve francis
    Ud collectors choice 93/94-charles barkley
    Ud victory 03/04-kobe bryant
    Ud victory 03/04-michael finley
    Fleer tradition 02/03-ron artest
    Ud victory 03/04-dirk nowitzki
    Ud victory 02/03-michael jordan
    Ud collectors choice 93/94-michael jordan
    Ud victory 02/03-tracy mcgrady
    Ud victory all stars 02/04-jermaine oneal
    Ud victory 02/03-ricky davis
    Fleer tradition 02/03 banner season-d. Miles
    Ud victory 03/04-gary payton
    Ud victory clutch shooters-mike bibby
    Ud victory 02/03-amare stoudemire
    Ud victory 02/03-richard hamilton
    Fleer ultra 02/03-eric snow
    Ud victory 02/03-desmond mason
    Ud victory 02/03-ray allen
    Ud victory 02/03-kevin garnett
    Ud victory 02/03-yao ming
    Ud victory 02/03-latrell sprewell
    Ud victory 02/03-jason kidd
    Fleer ultra 02/03-tracy mcgrady
    Fleer ultra 02/03-chris webber
    Fleer ultra 02/03-dirk nowitzki
    Fleer ultra 02/03-latrell sprewell

    hey these r some of ma favorite cards, i just started collectin bball cards this past year, lmk wat u think thnx

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    cool collection. I like this one the most.
    Ud Victory a.k.a king 03/04-lebron james

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