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    Looking for Couch,Leftwich,Suggs...

    So I'm trying to start Lee Suggs and Byron Leftwich collections,and of course I'm always trying to add to my Couch collection.If you have anything you think I might want,plmk and hopefully we can work something out.

    These are the Suggs/Leftwich cards I don't need...

    03 Bowman
    03 Bowman Chrome Uncirculated Refractor
    03 Bowman Chrome X-Fractor
    03 Donruss Elite
    03 Press Pass
    03 Press Pass "Big Numbers"
    03 Fleer Mystique

    03 Upper Deck Honor Roll (gold)
    03 Press Pass "Power Pick"
    03 Bowman
    03 UD Patch Collection (patch,not card)

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    i have #ed leftwhich 2003 Sp Signature Edition /750 (these packes were $40!!! also got the palmer) lmk if intrestead

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    Iced - I could use the two Suggs (BV of Topps Total is $1.50 and UD Honor Roll is $6),what do you want for em?

    Steelers - would like that,what do you want for it?

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    what gud or autos do you have to offer for it? PLMK

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    Steelers - all my GU/Autos are on my website,check it out and lmk

    astro - i need that,what do you want for it?

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    I like your:

    03 Bowman Chrome Uncirculated Refractor BV $15

    I have:

    -2003 Topps All American Tim Couch Foil Gold seq. #ed 15/55 BV $8.00
    -2003 Press Pass JE Byron Leftwich RC BV $4.00
    -2003 Press Pass JE Rex Grossman RC BV $2.50

    I'll throw in some CC if you'd like.


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    I'm not really looking to trade the Refractor,it's just one of the Suggs cards I don't need (i listed it in case anyone offered it,so they would know I had it already)...

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