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Thread: I am looking for....

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    I am looking for....

    I am looking for:
    prior rcs, , autos
    pujols rcs , autos
    weeks rcs, gu, autos
    delmon young rcs, gu, autos
    mauer rcs, gu, autos
    ryan wagner rcs, gu, autos
    prince fielder rcs, gu, autos
    scott kazmir rcs, gu, autos
    andy marte rcs, gu, autos
    ryan harvey rcs, gu, autos
    bo hart rcs, gu, autos
    greg miller (dodgers) rcs, gu, autos
    Rich Harden rcs, gu, autos
    All 2003 bowman chrome draft autos

    Leftwich autos
    ricky manning rcs, gu, autos
    claico rcs, gu, autos

    Lebron rcs, gu, autos
    Carmello rcs, gu, autos
    Take a look at my site and let me know if you see anything, I don't want to trade the young auto.

  2. SCC Cyber Week 2017
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    I have an extra 2003 Bowman Draft Chrome Bo hart, I also have a Bowman, Topps, Topps Chrome And Bowman Draft Fabrics of the Future Joe Mauer.....lmk

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    i have the hart, i could use the fiber and topps chrome mauer

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    How much in BV are you looking in trade for the Delmon Young Auto?

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    I have a ton of Ryan Wagner rc's. Looking for anyone in my sig.

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    myers39 - i said i didn't want to trade young.

    jly500-what wagners. I have a 2003 bowman chrome draft John Vanbenschoten

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    The Wagners I have
    03 Playoff Prestige
    03 Champions
    03 Leaf
    03 Donruss
    03 Donruss team Hero's

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    i alrready have most of those, and i just check i only have one of the ones you need and i need it for a set. sorry

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    no problem at all.
    As I already have 50 of the ones you listed.

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