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    Question Question about Beckett set prices


    I was wondering about something... I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but-

    Why is it that Beckett puts the set BV lower than what all the individual cards add up to?

    I just happened to add up all the individual cards for a set I have and found that all the individual cards add up to a little more than double of what Beckett lists it at.

    Is there a reason for this?


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    Because you can sell single cards easier than you can sell a whole set. Most people don't collect sets now like they did before.
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    Its kind of the same principle as that a can of pepsi cost $.50 but a 12 pack cost $1.99. Its like a discount for buying more.

    Also pwaldo is correct its alot easier for a dealer to move a star or rookie than a whole set. There is so much out there to collect these days most people center on a player or team and dont really care about sets.

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    people just do not collect sets anymore they just want the GOOD rc's

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    Thanks for all the help which makes sense unfortunately. :| Too bad since it's hard enough getting sets complete in the first place!


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    I have always wondered that too.
    I like collecting sets and buying factory sets and such.
    guess it just makes it that must easier to do it.

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