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    Game Used/Autos-From $2-8 Each!

    Game Used/Autos-From $2-8 Each!

    I have created a huge list of all the game used and autograph cards I have. There are around 200 of them. All cards are in mint condition and will be shipped in top loaders. I have decided to post the cards on one constant page and update it as cards are sold. Please view the below page for the list:

    Sam Daves

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    Carlos Beltran Auto

    What brand and year is that?

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    nice cards. How much for all 5 D. Georges NBA and 4 D FISHERS AS A LOT. Do you take paypal?

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    Todd Heap Jersey Auto
    Roger Craig Auto
    Smith/Warren Dual Ball(auto)
    Kurt Kitner Auto
    Doug Gredvig Auto
    Carlos Beltran Auto

    Curious which brand/year these are?

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    If you are interested in purchasing any cards please email me the details at . Otherwise you probably will not hear from me,Thanks,Sam

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