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    02 Boxes...

    Does anyone have any 2002 Football boxes for sale/trade? Just wondering because I can't find a big variety on eBay... Possibly looking for multiple boxes also.... PLMK!!!

  2. Kronozio
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    i have these carolina cards:
    2003 hogg heaven rocky manning /100
    2002 playoff absolute rpm julius peppers jersey/ball /625
    2003 hot procpects julius peppers jersey /1000

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    Hey, what would you want for these? I just traded my last Melo and I don't have anymore of this year's rookies, anything else?

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    my gay computer wont open the link to ur there another way i could see it? could u post it or possibly pm me a list?

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    Hey, the link to the site is Sorry, there's WAY too much stuff to go into a pm. Thanks!

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