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Thread: Looking for Leandro Barbosa

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    Looking for Leandro Barbosa

    I am looking for cards of Leandro Barbosa. PLMK what you have.


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    I have the recruit relics Jersey PR-LB from Topps Pristine. I don't know the book value of this card but I would gladly trade it for 2003 Bowman Fabric of the Future Anquan Boldin.
    Are you interested.

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    No thanks, I am pretty sure the Boldin books more than the Barbosa. Thanks for the offer though.


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    If you come across any basketball game used I'll be glad to trade with you. My son goes to Florida State so thats why I was interested in the Boldin. I only collect basketball. Thanks for the reply.


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    well i have his 03 04 bowman chrome bv 8 but with his recent play..i give it up for 10...

    jus offer me and rookie from this years class and u have ya self a deal....if its comporable value

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    ill take whicheva... but a combo of the two....since the bowman cost more.... darko or bosh......and then ford or hinrich

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