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Thread: Help with an Urlacher card

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    Help with an Urlacher card

    I need some help identifiying a 2002 Topps Brian Urlacher card. It looks just like the regular 2002 card except that it is a little bit lighter green & on the back instead of #19 the # is PP6. I looked on & couldn't find anything about it. I thought it might be a parallel, maybe Topps Collection, but that is listed as being #19 also. If you have any info please clue me in. Thanks


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    It's a 2002 Topps promo card. It's numbered PP for "postage promo". Usually they were sent out with replacements or in response to letters to cover the cost of postage. They aren't extremely valuable, but I imagine they're a little more rare than the base issue.


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    Thanks Mike. I looked for it on & also on my checklist that I printed from beckett.

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