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    I Need ALL these mariners cards!!

    Ok i need these mariners cards if there autographed, #/d or Rookies. So here they are and LMK. ADAM JONES, JOSE LOPEZ, Shin-soo-choo, Michael garciaparra, Matthew hagen, Rett johnson, Bobby madritsch, Aaron looper, Brian sweeny, and other mariners RC autos or #/d cards.... Thanks alot Skyler
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    Have a 2003 Donruss The Rookies Looper Auto. LMK if interested, Picture on trade page.

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    I just got the looper today. I just trade for it like 20 min. ago. Sorry. Whats BV on vlad auto bat? Any other mariners Autos or #/d? LMK Thanks

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    Erase that!! I NEED the looper. What are you looking for? #/d cards? Cheap autos? LMK Thanks

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    I have a 2003 SPX Bobby Madritsch AUTO/JERSEY
    ser.# 0297/1224...Still looking at the Olerud Jersey

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    I have a 2003 Bowman Michael Garciaparra card. LMK if you want it.

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    I have 2 2003 Topps Traded Michael Garciaparra golds

    Looking for Bryan Bullington Sean Burnett John Vanbneschoten Oliver Perez


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    KJ- The olerud patch? Do you have any other mariners stuff? maybe we could make a deal. And whats BV?

    Sammy- Ill pass unless its #/d. LMK

    JLY- ill take both. What do they book? Would you be interested in anyone else besides the people you listed?

    Thanks all and LMK Skyler

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    Garciaparra Gold book 4.00 each.
    Would you have any Pirates rookies?

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    I have this:

    03 Honor Roll Aaron Looper 1890/2500 RC

    I am looking for Chipper Jones or Marcus Giles in return. LMK.
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