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Thread: Guaranteed Game Used Packs

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    Guaranteed Game Used Packs

    Anyone bought any of these off ebay?

    I purchased a pack of Hogg Heavens on there and waiting to see if its a true deal.

    Has anyone tried this and how was your experiance?

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    Guaranteed Game Used or Guaranteed Auto packs never seem to come out in Beckett any good. I'm shying away from them from now on. Got burnt on a few boxes.

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    I have bought a few off them off ebay and have basically gotten garbage((made the mistake of buying topps all american)) I also had a UD honor and it was a chris mcallister jersey card.

    The best thing i got was the leaf rookies and stars pack that i was traded to because the guy took to long to ship the other pack.. I got a grossman/st pierre dual jersey card

    I guess its hard to say.. What i figure is that its getting to the point in which people are now able to tell what kinda of inserts are in each pack and therefor open it up


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