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Thread: Boldin Game Used Mask

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    Boldin Game Used Mask

    I pulled a Rookies And Stars Game Used Mask card of Boldin this weekend and seen a bunch on ebay with 2 mask pieces. Mine only has one.

    Are there different levels of this card, or is mine unique, or are the 2 pieces unique?

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    the two piece masks are #ed to less and worth more. Your boldin face mask bv's $25. I could use it for my pc if its for trade?

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    i have a double mask of dave ragone. i think the first 50 cards of the serial numbered set are double. is you card #ed to 350? if so, is your number above 50? if it is, that is why you only have one swatch instead of two

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    Thanks for the info guys, as for if it's up for trade what ya got for offer?

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    I have a $20 rudi johnson auto to put towards it. just check out my site below and hit me up with an offer.

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    This card is up for auction for CC, Go to CardCash for Cards forum.

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