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Thread: Need Star Player Base Cards

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    Do you buy/trade for star base players and is there any particular year your looking for and any specific team or all?

    LMK Thanks, Ray

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    please check my site i have a huge base list of stars i collect lakers lmk thanks

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    I need
    Kobe, Tmac (Magic Only), Iverson, Duncan & Kidd ( Nets Only), if i buy i can pay $.01-$.05 per. only lookin o trade. Any year is fine as longs as there in there current teams uniform.


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    i have tons and tons of base cards .. if u would trade a game used and autos for them i can give u like 5-10 base cards per game used or auto just tell me who u like and ill find u them plmk

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    i can give you 30 star base cards per one game used ......and 20 stars per one rookie card

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    Skillkiller- i need at least 25 base cards for a GU and about 40 for an auto

    Canuhandle.. that seems right, i need Kobe, TMac (Magic Only), Iverson & Duncan


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    ok well i have millions of those guys ill give u 25 for a gu please pm me about this, PM a list of every star u want i got so many please and wats GU u got

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