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    Arrow Basketball Grab Bags...

    I made Grab Bags to get rid of some of my rookies and inserts...

    One grab bag has one Insert and one Rookie.
    Few has 2 Rookies inside.
    Some of them has one Game Used.
    If you are getting a GU, you'll only get one card instead of two.
    Chance of getting a Game Used is 1:5.
    There is one creased Game used card. (02-03 UD Game Jersey Jason Terry bv15)
    In one grab bag, there are 3 autos (one skybox, two college).
    Total bv is at least $10 on each Grab Bag!
    One grab bag cost 120cc including S&H.

    LMK. Thanks

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    how do i use that stuff and wat does it do like how do i get it, and wats the point of it

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    most cards are $8. And like I said earlier, total bv of two cards in a grab bag is at least $10.
    I thought it would be much better to have two good cards than 25 commons. I think most people agrees with that.

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