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Thread: Looking for Pacers!

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    Looking for Pacers!

    Check out both sites below [not the Blake one], and LMK. Thanks!

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    I got Reggie Miller 97-98 SkyBox autographics, didn't see anithing that couled use from your site, but if you're interested in buying.
    PM me your offer.


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    ive got these:
    Miller, Reggie 00-01 Topps Reserve All-Star Jersey -$30
    Miller, Reggie 98-99 UD Ionix Reciprocal /750 -$8
    Miller, Reggie 00-01 UD Slam Extra Strength Silver /500 -$6
    O’Neal, Jermaine 01-02 EX Essential Credentials Future /66 -$15
    O’Neal, Jermaine 00-01 Black Diamond Gold /500 -$3
    Jones, Fred 02-03 UD Sweetshot RC /999 -$12

    i need this
    Peja Stojakovic 2003-04 Fleer Showcase Sweet Sigs Auto #/760

    let me know if a deal could be made

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    bdrr - I like those, but would rather trade an auto for an auto.

    deveandepot1 - I like the Jamison Brewer Sage Hit auto, LMK.

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    i like this
    Boris Diaw-Riffiod 2003-04 Upper Deck Victory Rookie Orientation
    do you have any laker base i also have some j oneal i can add lmk thanks
    just lmk the numbers and set of laker base lmk thanks

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    I have these
    97-98 Fleer Decade of Excellence R.Miller bv10
    97-98 Fleer Decade of Excellence Rare Tradition R.Miller bv40 (1:360)
    99-00 Skybox Autographics T.Best bv6
    99-00 SP Sign of the Times A.Croshere bv10
    00-01 Fleer Autographics Silver A.Croshere #'ed to 250 bv15
    01-02 UD Sweetshot Rookie Jersey P.Brezec #'ed to 1200 bv10
    01-02 UD Legend P.Brezec RC #'ed to 3250 bv6
    02-03 Topps Chrome White border REF F.Jones #'ed to 249 bv25

    LMK. Thanks

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