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    Upgrade Tutorial: Tabbed Profiles and Visitor Messaging

    One of the major changes you will notice is that the member profiles are very different. The major differences are:

    Tabbed Member Information
    You will notice several tabs in the main profile area.

    Visitor Messaging

    "Visitor Messages" allows other members to post comments to your profile. You can allow all members to post messages (default) or restrict it so only people on your buddy list can post a message. Simply go to the User CP then Edit Options and the Messaging & Notification area. You will see two options for "Visitor Messaging."

    About Me
    You can now edit your information directly from your profile. Simply click on the little pencils at the end of your details to edit.

    It will open up an edit field. Make the changes and hit save. That's it!

    The Statistics Tab provides stats for your user account. You will see your Total Posts (Total, per day, and a link to find ll you threads/posts), how many visitor messages you have and other stats like join date, Card Cash, etc.

    Pretty obvious! These are who you have selected as a friend. You can "break friendship" and remove your friends or you can select which friends you want avatars to show up (BFFs?). Click "Edit your Friend list" then deselected the avatars (to have the avatars NOT show up) or reselect "friend" radio button to remove them as a friend. I will post a separate tutorial on this later!

    Contact Info
    This provides details on how members can contact you. To edit these details go to the User CP.

    Additionally, (by popular request) we have added the Feedback as a tab.

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    Cool new features there Mike. I like then new social group one personally. Thanks for the tutorial

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    Yeah love the tutorials as well.

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    great work on these..The new features look great..Thanks Ed

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    I also made it so your arcade trophies show up in your profile. You have to have some to see them! Check out Daniel's profile for an example.

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