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Thread: Tutorial: User Albums!

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    Tutorial: User Albums!

    One of the best new features is that each member has their own album. This is like having you own Photobucket account on SCF. To create a new album or upload an image go to the User CP and to the Networking area.

    Click on Pictures and albums. On the next screen click "Add Album." If it is your first album you can also click the "click here to add an album..." at the center of the screen.

    On the next screen put in the title and select from the three options:

    • Public (all members can see it)
    • Private (Only visible to contacts and moderators)
    • Profile (Pictures used to modify your profile style. You can use these as a background image like on MySpace. This will be a VIP member privilege.

    You will then be asked to upload pictures. You will be told the amount of pictures you can upload and the file size limit. This will be based on member rank and Premium/VIP Membership (still to be set).

    You can add a caption or delete the photo.

    Your albums will appear on the right side of your SCF profile. Depending on the permissions you set the public can see the album or only your buddies.

    You can click on the album to get the details and grab code to embed into your threads.

    You can edit the picture, add to a group (later tutorial) or report the picture if it is inappropriate. You can also grab the code that will allow you to link to the image or have it display in forum threads/posts (if allowed).

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    How do I change the size of my pics.. tries to upload pic said file was to big????

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    You will need to you a photo editing tool like Photoshop. Try right clicking on the photo and seeing what you can open it with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwingfanz View Post
    How do I change the size of my pics.. tries to upload pic said file was to big????
    Try this site
    Real easy to use if you don't have any other resource.


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    Can u plz tell me how to delete them? I try to upload new ones as im posting a WANT LIST album and need to upload pics for it,but it says i have no room and reached my maximum of 97 kb!! Now i want to delete the pics from my older want list and i cant find out how :(
    I deleted its album but the pics are still there and wont go away.....its soooo annoying,someone plz help,thank u

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    The forum album have many limitation. Main reason is they are stored in the database and we have to limit the use of it for performance reason. My suggestion is to use SCF free inventory. Mainly there is no limit on size (well there is but it's 2 Mg per image). No limit on the amount of images. I have in my Inventory close to 10,000 images, all hosted by SCF for free. Once you upload a image, you can either right click to open the link in a new tab and grab the link to post it in a thread or simply copy the image in your clipboard and paste it into the thread. Or go and edit the card and grab the image link on the edit page once you have a image.

    I personaly add images, then go into my public inventory, click on the image tab, sort it by recent upload and then copy all the cards I just added, let's say from a break. It's really easy to use and not limits like the albums. Also I think you can't delete the image on the forum album. Not sure on this since I do not use it but never found out how.
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