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Thread: SCF Social Groups!

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    SCF Social Groups!

    SCF now has social groups! This will allow collectors with similar passions get together. You can establish a social group by region, player collectors, team collectors, action movie watchers or whatever you want! For instance, I created a Ladainain Tomlinson Collector group here. You will notice the group has a title and description at the top, a list of the members, an image area and a public message board. As group owner it is YOUR group. You control what goes on from images and messages.

    To create a group simply go to your User CP and under Networking click Social Groups.

    At the top of the screen it will show you what groups you belong to. Next you will see all the groups that have been created. If you see one you like simply visit the group and at the top right you will see "Join Group."

    To create your own group scoll down to the bottom of the main group page and click "create group." You can also search groups in this area as well.

    Your groups can be tracked in your profile at the bottom right.

    I hope this will allow collectors with similar interests to get together! You can also find the groups link in our navigation bar.

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    This is one of my favorite new features! Thanks!

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    Finally .......just created the nfl team collectors group!

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