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Thread: New pick-up...

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    New pick-up...

    Hey there all,

    I just traded for this great Tri-Stars Colts football card, but I had a question. The back of this card says that it contains parts of an official, game-used football from Peyton Manning, Edgerrin James, and Marvin Harrison.

    Do official NFL game balls have silver on them? I thought they were all black (for the logo) and brown. The Manning triangle has a thin silver stripe on it, with some silver paint smudged above it.

    I was kind of hoping it was a part of his signature (in a silver paint pen), but it's just a straight line. Upper Deck said there might have been pieces from UDA game-used signed balls, but they couldn't tell me for sure.

    Anyone else have any idea?


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    From the way it looks, I'd say you got part of a signed ball, cause like you said there's no silver on an offical NFL ball.

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    i dont know. Its hard to say.. That color almost looks to light to be a signed ball. I get that feeling it may be paint from the field.. Specifically like the #'s on the field. More along the lines of that color.. Very different though id give it that


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    I just thought it might be auto'd because the paint isn't just on the bumps, and it's in a perfectly atraight line... wish I could post a bigger picture.

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