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Thread: How To Edit Your Signature

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    How To Edit Your Signature

    Hello There

    If you're reading this, then odds are you're either new to SCF or are simply intrigued by this new forum. Either way, I'm here to show you step by step how to edit your signature. Simply follow the red circle in each step to see exactly what I mean.

    1. The first step is to locate the "User CP" button on the 2nd row of the orange menu bar at the top left of any page on SCF. Click it.

    2. The next step is to find the "Edit Signature" option on the left-side menu. It will be in the 3rd Section down (Settings & Options). Click it.

    3. You will be taken to a screen that looks like this. Simply input whatever text/smilies using whatever formatting tools from the toolbar you like. Make sure that your text is appropriate language and does not violate site rules. Remember that there is a 5-Line limit for text. Staff members can/will ask you to edit your signature if it violates the rules.

    4. You can also add an image to your signature. Make sure that it is no larger than 300 pixels wide and 100 Pixels tall. Premium and VIP Members are alloted a 500x100 banner. When you have all the changes you want, click "Save Signature" and you're finished. If you should get an error message, go back and fix what's wrong (you'll know by the message) and try again.

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    this helps out so much thanks
    and also would you like to make a few trades

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