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Thread: memorabilia cards

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    memorabilia cards

    i'm new to football collecting and while i won't be doing sets anytime soon, i want to grow my Patriots collection of memorabilia jerseys, shoes, helmets, jock straps....whatever

    what are some of the best looking mem cards out there? what company has consistantly good looking cards?

    just tryin to gather some info so i can look around and see what i like... what to look for on the 'bay or in thanks.

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    check out sp authentic they always have great looking cards. also i hear good things about playoff contenders and leaf limited although those are a little pricey. if you like things a little cheaper i suggest 03 leaf rookies and stars they have great looking inserts. good luck

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    I have always liked the leaf vintage jersey cards((outside leaf limited)) to me those are the ones that are worth going after no matter what kinda fan u are


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    The Donruss/playoff corporation usually hs great looking jersey crds...I suggest donruss elite(again) and Donruss Classics...
    Check it out man
    ne questions email me

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