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Thread: any one looking for a team

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    Talking any one looking for a team

    i need to get rid of alot of my cards. so if you like a team just let me know ill pull out all the cards i can for that team . all im asking for is 50 cc and 2 bucks for mail. lmk

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    PeppersFan90- sorry i just let go the panthers dont have any more.sorry

    jimringo- ill get them together and ill let you know

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    Hey Drago, can you let me know what Raiders you have..?

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    yeah i have a bunch of raders stuff .... well atleast i think i do . i will pull out and let you know

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    jimringo-i have 26 of them some drivers , franks , green and stuff like that

    Silver&Black- i have 37 of them some rice , gannon , brown and stuff like that

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    yo i want niners, mainly GU, auto or rookie, rookies i really want brandon lloyd

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    Ill buy any cards of Alabama players you have. Most cards list a college on the back, if you want to look and see what you have.

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