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Thread: Tyrone Calico

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    Tyrone Calico

    I was wondering if any knew how much this card would go around for?

    03 SP Signature TYRONE CALICO RC 001/250 Card 1/1

    LMK, Thanks Ray

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    Yeah thats probly about right Ray.. MOST people dont consider that a 1/1.. some do but probly 80%+ dont... I know to me the only 1/1 card outside a real 1/1 is a jersey # but thats my opinion.. Otherwise the rest is just a serial number


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    all cards are 1/1 if u think about it...there not another 236/250 in the world either...i just think that 1/xxx seem to be more popular...thats all...but its not a true 1/1 unless its marked 1/ thats just my opion.

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    so what do you call a card taht is really popular with a 1/xxx on it.. a 1/2 since its one of only 2 cards that will have a 1 as the first number on there LOL


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    Wow thanks guys I really appreciate the posts. I am still a bit confused as what people seem to have more value on serial numbered cards. For example on ebay I saw a Lebron James go for thousands as it had his jersey number. I just feel like having the a card numbered to 1 seems really special as I assume that was the 1st card made out of the bunch.

    Thanks again, Ray

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    well im not saying thats its not kool, cuz i think thats an awesome card but it baffles me how people say a card, for example 100/100 is a one of one because the card 87/100 is the only 87/100 in the world al depends on ur opion and the buyers opinion.

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