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Thread: NPN Site Updated

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    NPN Site

    Hello all,

    It's been a couple weeks, but the NPN page has been updated again. Added are a bunch of new Donruss, Topps and Upper Deck NPN's. I know there's still a whole bunch out there that I don't have so if you get any, send them on over to me.

    Thanks and good luck,

    NPN Site

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    are you sure the 03-04 fleer authentix basketball is by 2/3/04?

    some people have reported getting theirs already
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    That's what the Fleer website reports... and I'd say I sure trust their website. They either did an early drawing or are giving out cards early.

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    Fleer gives out cards at various times. I've received E-X MLB

    Thanks Iggy!!!
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    NPN site has been updated so get your envelopes out and start licking!

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    is NPN possible for european resident like me ?

    thx in advance


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    Nope, they're only open to US & Canadian residents... sorry :(

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    I'm sorry for the long delay on the update of the NPN page. When we moved servers a couple months back, we had problems with our email software. I wondered why I never got anymore NPN emails at the time but now I know. Luckily I was able to get all the old emails from months past but sadly, most are already expired. Everything listed is what I currently have had emailed to me and what I've found on other sites. If you have any NPN's that are not listed, please submit them to :

    SCF Staff

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