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Thread: i need a vick GU and some more

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    i need a vick GU and some more

    I need

    Ray Lewis

    well there is other GU that i like jus check out my sitre for pics and listing jus LMK about what u like and if ur interseted in my stuff

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    Clinton Portis -2002- UD Rookie Futures #d to 150,
    i like this, i have a few vick gu's on my site. lmk which one you like

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    ight i gotta update my site that card is messed up cause it was my cousins and he bent it and gave it to me 4 free thats y anything else u like ill trade or buy

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    Santana Moss -2002- Fleer School Colors (Dual Miami Canes uniform),
    Plaxico Burress -2003- SP game used edition,
    Ronnie Lott -2003- Fleer Tradition Throwbacks,
    Jerry Rice -1998- Playoff Team Threads (dual on front and back),
    check my site n plmk

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    -# RT17 Dan Morgan/Andre Carter (Morgan has part of laces hole)

    Fleer Hot Prospects #85 Julius Peppers #ed 0823/1000 (is this a jersey)

    Bowman Hula Bowl Jersey # BJ-SS Steve Smith

    wat r BV on these and is the peppers a jersey

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    morgan/carter bv$15
    peppers (is a jersey) bv$20
    steve smith bv$15

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    Bubba Franks -2000- Fleer Autographs #d to 250

    lmk value on this plz as im on the phone with tech. assistance with my i-net company

    btw i have vick jsy on site and a rookie or 2 around the house...they are low valued ones

    thnx jay

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    pr0phet---how much is ur vick worth, ill look up the buba franks in alil i think its 20

    bigruss-how much r they worth

    steelers- i really want the peppers

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