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Thread: 500 Card Cash for commons

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    500 Card Cash for commons

    i'm offering 500 card cash for the best offer for commons.. Any Player, any sets, any year.. More cards the better

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Do you just need Set fillers?, As sending that many commons would cost alot for shipping. If you just need set fillers PM me with a list and i will see if i can help you out.

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    like 2000 90-91 Proset lol
    My wife made me the official Larry Robinson Collector
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    IS this just for hockey or any sports. LMK. Thanks.

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    I have a bunch of Hockey. If you want, PM me a list of either players or specific teams. I will put a list together and send them out to you.
    Always interested in anything and everything Maple Leafs, especially Keon, Bower, Kennedy and Broda. Main wants are vintage Maple Leaf cut signatures.

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    ill give you a random assortment of around 80 Victory cards

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