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Thread: need : maggs AUTO

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    need : maggs AUTO

    lmk if you have any... will trade in your favor... lmk thanks

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    I do...

    00 Fleer Freshink Magglio Ordonez Auto. BV is $15, but like all of his cards, it's undervalued. :)

    Looking for other autos in return.

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    ACBaseball - i only have 2 auto's that have any value... a 02 topps archives jim wynn and a SP Chirography Mike Kinkade both BV 10.00 ... i would do either and a little cash or cardcash or even trade them both with another cheap Auto off my site.... i agree his cards are undervalued

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    Sorry, can't use either of those. I'd sell it for $8 DLVD via paypal.

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    AC - i could do that after a couple of my ebay auctions end,..... ill let you know when i have enough in paypal... THANKS.... i have 2 of his autos already both numbered to 10 but none that i can actually have out for display

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    will trade for another as well.... lmk if you have one

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