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Thread: mailing cards

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    mailing cards

    I have trading away a few commons, what is the best way to send these. I was going to put a couple each in extra thick toploaders with penny sleaves. Thanks.

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    I am kind of confused with your question, are you trying to send to players or what???

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    for low end cards i use a penny sleeve, top loader, and an envelope. for higher priced cards i use a penny sleeve, top loader, and bubble mailer

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    Here's a method I've used that's very effective

    get cardboard (the USPS Priority mail boxes are pretty sturdy and free!)

    cut them in the size of top loaders (use top loader as a model to cut out)

    place cards in b/t 2 pieces of cardboard (don't put more than 30 cards), or else it won't fit in a regular size business envelope.

    tape all 4 sides of the package

    ship in regular envelope, making sure to apply tape to close envelope (licking the envelope and closing it won't work, b/c of the bulk of the package)

    I send out hundreds of Garbage Pail Kids this way - haven't had one complaint of cards being damaged yet

    and it's very cost effective

    by the way

    10-20 cards mailed this way cost about $0.83
    20-40 cards = $1.26

    not too bad, eh?

    Charge about $2-2.50 in shipping, and you get a nice tidy profit on S&H that adds up when you've mailed out 200+ packages, not to mention profit from selling the items

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    Does anyone use a penny sleeve inside of a card saver I or II? Or is this not a good way to go? It's ok to use these to send in for grading but is it well received between collectors?

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    Can someone please share what a Penny sleeve/Top loader are? Just a tad bit newbie still.. thanks

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    Rock - a toploader is a hard sleeve that protects the card, so the corners won't be mess up

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