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Thread: 1992 and 1993 Cards Available

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    1992 and 1993 Cards Available

    I have a decent -> large number of cards from all the following 1992 and 1993 sets. I'm looking to trade or sell for card cash (~ 20 CC / $1 Value including shipping) or Paypal. I have large lists of wants and I can always find things I want if you want any of my cards.

    PM me with your want lists and I'll see what I can find. Some of these sets I have stars available in. I prefer larger trades - sets marked with *** means that I have a good size starter set available that might be fun to trade for a starter set of something I don't have.

    Donruss 1992 Regular
    Donruss 1992 Triple Play
    Fleer 1993 Regular Series II
    Fleer 1993 Ultra Series I***
    Leaf 1993 Regular Series 2***
    Topps 1992 Kids
    Topps 1992 Stadium Club
    Topps 1993 Regular
    Topps 1993 Micro (Complete Set)
    Topps 1993 Stadium Club

    I also have a few cards from the following (numbers available listed):
    Classic 1992 Best Minor League - 60,216,270,280,284,298
    Fleer 1992 Regular - 74,85,431
    Fleer 1993 Ultra Award Winners - 8 (Van Slyke)
    Ultra Pro 1992 Regular - 4,7,8
    Upper Deck 1992 Inserts - SP3 (Deion Sanders)
    Upper Deck 1993 Regular - 107,170,193,356,479,656

    I also have many other cards and memorabilia available. Please check my website out at and contact me by replying or PM.

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    Sorry, can't do it... shipping would eat me alive. Thanks for the offer, though, I'll probably stick to trading.

    Also - an update to this list - the 1993 Topps Micro set and the 1992 Topps Kids cards are now part of a pending trade.

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