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Thread: UD MVP box break

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    Unhappy UD MVP box break

    Just done my first ever box break! Won a box of 2003 UD MVP off ebay, and afterwards I was a little dissapointed ...

    Didn't get anything special at all ...:(
    According to Becketts, the 2 best cards were:

    Future MVP - QB2 Byron Leftwich bv $5 &
    A rookie - 328 Byron Leftwich, also bv $5.

    Still, I have put a new page under my tradlist for them all, so please feel free to have a look.

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    Did you pull a Polamalu rookie? LMK. Thanks.

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    Originally posted by Spenguin22
    Did you pull a Polamalu rookie? LMK. Thanks.
    No, sorry.

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    I need Tom Lopienski and Mike Doss of Rookies. Rob Morris and Brock Huard of Commons. PLMK! Thanks!

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    spenguin polamolu was not made in the mvp set
    i want all the steelers espescially jeff reed!

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    neil - i have a common of rob morris

    steelers - i have the following:
    talk of the town - burress
    rookie - brian st pierre
    common - bettis, randel el, zereoue, fuamatu-ma'afala & gildon.

    guys, lmk what you're offering.

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    want al except the bettis and fuamaut mafala lmk what players you collect specifically

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    Bama - nope, sorry

    Steelers, i collect ALL Raiders. what have you got for about $3.5??

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    02 Upper Deck XL Philip Buchannon RC bv$3 PLMK

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