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Thread: MVP

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    Who will win NBA MVP this year?

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    My guess is Kobe Bryant. That forty point run was too good for him not too nd the Lakers will make a late run for the playoffs and take it home again.

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    For his 40 point games streak and Lakers making the playoffs now, I think it's got to be Kobe, although KG and T-Mac are more valueable to their team.

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    T-Mac is going to win it mark my word. the award is not what great feats you did this year, but the valuable on a team and helped their team the most, KOBE didn't nearly as good when Shaq attack was out with the injured big TOE,a s T-mac when Grant Hill is having all his problems, ehen hill is gone the teams doesn't miss a beat.

    Can you imagine if T-Mac would have stayed in Toronto and him and his cousin could share the rock.


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    Why does kidd get no love?

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    Because the Nets suck. As a matter of fact the whole East sucks. :fro:

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    i think t-mac he carries his team practicly by himself. kobe at least has shaq

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    Originally posted by Piazza31
    Why does kidd get no love?
    Why love a wife-beater?

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