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Thread: Classifieds Tutorial - Basics

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    Classifieds Tutorial - Basics

    The SCF classifieds is for members to buy, sell and trade items other than sports cards.

    Classifieds Main Page

    Top Left Navigation
    The classifieds main page lists all the categories for easy browsing. Simply click on a category or sub-category to shop. At the very top left of the navigation bar your will see My Ads and My Watch List.

    My ads will display all of the ads you have listed. My Watch List will display all of the ads you have marked to watch.

    My Ads View

    Top Right Navigation

    At anytime you can click the Home link to bring you back to the main classifieds page. Click Search to search the classifieds by key words, users and other options. Member List will show you he members that currently have a listing. Profile will bring you to your classifieds profile.

    Classifieds Profile

    The profile will show you details on your ads (top left) your SCF feedback (top right) and your subscriptions (bottom left). You can subscribe to the categories and/or ads. Use this area to unsubscribe.

    The final link on the top right navigation menu is the Place an Ad link. Click this to place a new ad!

    Step 1: For Sale or Wanted

    Step 2: Select Category

    Step 3: Fill out the ad Details
    Simply fill out the ad details and upload photos. Place a price or 0 for best offer. Submit your ad and it will show up in the classifieds. Track your ads by clicking My Ads at the top left of the classifieds or in your Profile at the top right.

    Quick Search
    On the main page you will notice a quick search area just under the News.

    This will allow you to quickly search the ads to your time specifications.

    Calendar Search
    Just below the Statistics, click on the day of the month to see what ads were uploaded that day.

    Ad Options and Commenting
    Each ad is just like a forum thread except that the format looks like an caution. You will notice several options at the bottom of each ad.

    You can add the ad to your Watch List, report the product if it is spam or not following the rules, But it Now with PayPal, unsubscribe from the ad and post a comment. Posting a comment is just like a forum post. You can also Quick Reply just below these options.

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    wow i really like this better than the misc forums. Great Job on a complete makover!
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    Yes this will be very helpful in searches and give a much better look as the misc section was a complete mess with the different posts. The rules for the classifieds will be the same as misc section.

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