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Thread: 2003 UD MVP RC's F/T

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    2003 UD MVP RC's F/T

    Jason Gessar (Washington State/Titans)
    J.T. Wall (Georgia/Steelers)
    Justin Griffith (Miss St/Falcons)
    Earnest Graham (Florida/Bucs)
    Bethel Johnson (Texas A&M/SUPER BOWL CHAMPS PATS)
    Dewayne Robertson (Kentucky/Jets)
    Dennis Weathersby (Oregon St/Bengals)
    Antwoine Sanders (Utah/Ravens) *really want to get rid of* Went to U of U BYU's hated rivals!
    Tony Romo Future MVP (Eastern Illinois/Cowboys)

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    why dont you give me all those for the 2 doamins and the other cards i have for you playmaker?
    Collect Cleveland Browns/ BOSTON BRUINS/ Boston College Eagles/ROOKIES,Patches/Autos

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    i want the jt wall bv $0.60 lmk who you collect

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    SteelersRock2453: I will trade u the Jt Wall, I collect Luke Staley Steve Young and BYU players

    Lil Jon: I'll think about it and tell u on AOL IM!

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