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Thread: would anyone do this?

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    would anyone do this?

    you know those $10 K-Mart Retaill boxes? well If anyone has them I wil trade in your favor for them. LMK if you have these! I dought anyone will though

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    I can get them Standing O, Ultra, Donruss Classics (29.99), UD Football, Playoff Prestige (19.99) all would be plus tax and shipping, lmk.

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    You would have to trade in my favor after tax and shipping. I usually buy cards at 25% BV so, say if I got you a $10 box, tax, shipping came to $15, I'd want a $35-50 card in return. LMK.

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    o ok I don't know If I want to give up a card with that BV but I have this:

    Ricky Williams 99 UD Ionix "Reciprocal" BV? but the regular RC is $18 so it has to be more

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    regular card #62 in Feb beckett is $10, reciprocal is 1.5x so $15, sorry

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    1999 UD Ionix #62 Ricky Williams RC BV$10.00
    1999 UD Ionix Reciprocal #R62 Ricky Williams BV$15.00

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