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Thread: WANTED: Craig Brazell

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    WANTED: Craig Brazell

    Please lmk if you have anything of Craig Brazell.


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    did you ever reply to the post?

    i have 03 ud brazell and 03 donruss the rookies brazell.

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    i must have missed that. Well anyway im interested in both of those Brazells. Whats total bv? lmk what u need for them.


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    I have a fleer athentix Brazell #rd to 1250


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    I saw your signature and figured I would ask...

    I have a team photo pennant of the 86 Mets from Rolaids that says Pennant Fever.

    Any idea of a value on it? It is folded in 2 spots to make it a square (Like this when I got it) but it doesn't make the pennant look damaged when folded out.

    PM me with any info.

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    rockman: im interested. Whats the bv on it? lmk. i got lots of Vlad inserts.


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    the brazell ud rc books 1.25 so i'm guessing the donruss the rookies will be around 1.25 for a total = 2.50.

    can we work something out for the thomas #01/25? what else can i add? if the thomas is off limits, what rcs do you have of stars?

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    i have this coming real soon from ebay-Craig Brazell Playoff Spectrum Autograph RC Card #152, numbered 35/250.
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    Originally posted by MoutinJew69
    rockman: im interested. Whats the bv on it? lmk. i got lots of Vlad inserts.

    I couldnt find teh BV, I looked in beckett and at but they didnt seem to have it. I also have a fleer athentix rookie #erd to 1250 of Jeff Duncan also. (another met rookie)

    LMK if your intrested.


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    coolecter: i need that, i have lots of cards of the players that u collect. Some are on my site and some arent. lmk the bv on that brazell.


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