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    Brian Urlacher Redemption Card Question

    a little while ago, i opened a box of 2000-2001 SPX and i found a redemption for a brian urlacher autographed, jersey RC. it is obviously passed the redemption deadline, but im wondering is there still a chance, or is this thing worth anything? im sure there are collections of unredeemed cards, anyone know?

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    i don't think it will work...the companies are really strict, so if it passes the deadline, i don't think they will redeem you the card

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    i've herad people send these in and get them back.. isnt this his rookie card??? that would be great if u could get it reedemed.. maybe try calling the company and see waht they say.. hope that helps

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    i emailed UD customer service, even if i cant redeem it, im sure theres a bears or urlacher collector that would like to add a weird piece to their collection.

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