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    Here are my successes...
    A Moses Malone sewn jersey that i had him sign at an autograph signing he did at one of my stores at the 06 All Star Weekend. He also signed a card for me too.

    A Dominique Wilkins signed ball that I got when I had lunch with him at a awards banquet in 06. Sat next to him and we talked for about an hour. Awesome guy!

    A Torry Holt signed reebok glass that i had him sign at an awards banguet in 07. The worst thing is that I bought an autograph ball the day before but I didnt bring it with me. I'm an idiot.

    A Merrill Hoge mini helmet that i had in sign at an awards banquets in 08. We talked football for a few minutes (he said Marion Barber and Felix Jones are similar running backs, hmm). Nice guy!

    A Eric "Big E" Ogbogu signed mini helmet from an awards banquet in 08. He is the spokeman for Under Armor and played for 9 years in the NFL.

    A pair of Roy Miller signed footballs that I got signed in my store in 08. He is about to be a senior DT for the Texas Longhorns and barring injury will be drafted in next years draft.

    i have a few other cards signed in person but I really cherish the memorabilia.

    comments, suggestions are welcome
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    nice collection, ive got about 15 helmets, 4 footballs, and some 100 cards and 400 photos in my collection- its always nice to see stuff thato ther people have
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    thanks. just getting back into it after a 10 yr break. i would love to see pics of your collection and everyone else's. where's a good place to look?

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    i lack a digital camera, so i dont have photos of any of my memorabilia- and with over 300 photos and none of them scanned, i dont have the desire to scan that much stuff, to be honest- but my helmets are of

    Dante Lavelli
    Leroy Kelly
    Frank Gatski
    Billy Shaw
    Kellen Winslow JR
    AJ Hawk
    Vernon Gholston
    Chuck Noll
    Ernie Stautner
    Ted Ginn
    Donte Whitner
    Gino Marchetti
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    here's one that i forgot. Jennie Finch from a company meeting in 07. She put on a 15 minute pitching exhibition for us (she was amazing) and i talked to her for a few minutes. she was very nice.

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