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    Looking for these Cards (Autos, etc.):

    These are the autos I am looking for right now- LMK if you have any of what I am looking for and what you like from my site.

    Teixeira Autos ***
    Blalock Autos
    Signing Bonus Autos
    Jason Giambi Auto
    Baldelli Auto
    Gagne Auto
    Maddux Auto ***

    lmk wut u have, the bv, and wut u liek from me

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    I have this:

    01 UD Jason Giambi Auto JSY BV $80.

    I can use the Bonds, Arod, Prior, and Vlad/25 Autos.

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    1998 Donruss Signature Series Auto Jason Giambi BV 20
    I like your Soriano Autos. PLMK!
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    thanks for the replies guys- but i dont think i wanna trade the cards u guys like for those specific cards

    thanks anyway- i guess is hould throw in - i dont weasnt $100 of teixeira and everyone- lower end is fine

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