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    Question Leaf Certified Sample(Beckett)

    I bought a beckett today and the sample i found was a Vick GREEN sample?
    Need some help how rare are they?

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    Honestly I dont even know if they price these things. Ido remember seeing a huge article in one of my becketts that showed what the sample cards go for.. dont take my word on this one but as an idea I think that the best vick card that was a sample went of 40-50 bucks.. Santa ones were the only ones getting much better on it

    as for a serial number or something.. that you lost me on


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    I got a Gold Sabastion Janikowski in mine. The sample is silver but its the gold card, I wish they were serial numbered like the Leaf Limiteds. Ill dig around and see what I can find out. My guess is the parallel samples should be pretty rare.

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    Most Samples are listed on Beckett OPG. The Honors and the newer ones are not listed yet. I have heard that there are five of the emerald. I was really suprised to find out my 2002 Playoff Prime Signatures Samples 62 Joe Montana books for $40.00 and 2002 Playoff Prime Signatures Samples Gold 62 Joe Montana books for $120.00. Not bad considering I paid about $15.00 for the pair.

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