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    Selling these player lots at .15 per card no matter what is in them. There are base, inserts, rookies and parallels included (lot in every lot), no GU or auto's. Buy three or more lots and I lower the price to .10 per card. I will cover shipping on 3 or more lots or purchases over $10. Along with the player's name is the # of cards available of that player. Paypal is preferred, but I will accept money orders or cash (cash is not recommended). You may get more cards than what is indicated as I have not sorted through all my RC's, inserts, or Press Pass items. When a purchase is made, I will include those along with your lot. If you do not want the Press Pass, just LMK as I know many collector's do not like those cards.

    Aikman, 16 cards
    Alexander, 18 cards SOLD
    Barber, 6 cards
    Bledsoe, 62 cards
    Boston, 18 cards
    Brady, 9 cards
    Brees, 10 cards
    Brown, Tim, 16 cards
    Bruce, 11 cards
    Burress, 12 cards
    Coles, 15 cards
    Couch, 19 cards
    Davis, Stephen, 13 cards SOLD
    Dillon, 36 cards
    Dunn, 8 cards
    Favre, 15 cards PENDING PAYMENT
    Galloway, 8 cards
    Garcia, 21 cards
    George, Eddie, 10 cards
    Glenn, 23 cards
    Gonzalez, 11 cards
    Green, Ahman, 16 cards SOLD
    Griese, 31 cards
    Harrison, 27 cards
    Heap, 7 cards
    Holmes, 6 cards
    Holt, 9 cards
    Horn, 9 cards
    James, 28 cards
    Johnson, Keyshawn, 29 cards
    Lewis, Jamal, 17 cards PENDING PAYMENT
    Lewis, Ray, 17 cards
    Manning, 17 cards PENDING PAYMENT
    Marino, 8 cards
    McAllister, 6 cards
    McNair, 44 cards
    Moss, 29 cards PENDING PAYMENT
    Owens, 49 cards SOLD
    Pennington, 14 cards PENDING PAYMENT
    Peppers, 7 cards SOLD
    Price, 7 cards
    Rice, 6 cards
    Thomas, Zach, 8 cards
    Tomlinson, 9 cards SOLD
    Vick, 13 cards PENDING PAYMENT
    Warner, 28 cards
    Young, 14 cards

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    I didnt catch part one of this so i was wondering if you had ANY Northcutt for .15. PLMK THANKS


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    I might have some, but I'll have to dig around for them. He usually gets put in the common boxes. I do have some Wagner stuff available you may be interested in. I used to collect him as well. I'll pm a list to you.

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    llcooljoe - $2.50 including shipping. LMK how you would like to pay.

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    I would like to know if you could get me your addy by PM and I'll send a check for $5.60 for the Moss's and once you recieve the check you can send the cards. LMK or PM me

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