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    Exclamation NEED HELP

    Hey guys i am looking for a kinda rare card it is from the 1984 Madison Muskies Team Set it is a player by the name of Andrew Krause. He is my uncle and my grandfather has been doing every thing to buy one. i am willing to trade or buy monsterly in your favor. Thanks in Advance


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    stefan - the best way about going about getting this card is buying the team set
    find out who the big player in the set was and post or look on ebay or the net that way
    because trying to find that card if he's not a star is gonna be damn near impossible
    but if there's a barry larkin say in the set, then it would be easier to get it ya know


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    hey i found a team set..

    he wants 21.75 for the set but... there ya go

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    try gulf coast minors- 941-349-4984 or fritsch cards like the 83 ebay set


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