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    Cool Free shipping for SportsCard Forum Members

    :hop: :xmas: :xmas: any member who is high bidder on any of my cards receives free shipping. and half shipping anything else.:xmas: :xmas: :hop:

    just email me to let me know who you are and your SCF users name and I will make the changes.

    Thanks, Ryan

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    Good deal... thanks a lot for the offer to SCF members!

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    no thank you guys for providing the forum to do such.

    I need to get rid of all this cardboard, and get into the etopps more, but how can I tell my fav hobby shop I am buying etopps and not 5-6 boxes a week.

    deliema :(

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    That is a very generous offer! Thanks for your support and great posts!

    SCF Founder
    BIG Props to everyone at SCF as you chase 14 Million posts!

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    no thank you for putting together such a cooooooooooooool site.

    This will become the cream of the crop. fo shizzy


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    Nice offer, I think I'll watch that Moss Jersey your selling. Thanks.
    See ya at the convention.

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