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Thread: RC's up for Auction.

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    RC's up for Auction.

    I will put the Starting Bid next to the card and for all cards the bid increacment is 10CC. These cards will not be mailed in a bubble mailer. They will be mailed in a plastic sleeve in side of a Plastic hard sleeve.

    2002 Topps Joey Harrington RC- 50CC
    2002 Topps David Carr RC- 50CC
    2003 Topps Brian St. Pierre RC- 25CC
    2002 Topps Deshaun Foster RC- 50CC
    2001 Topps Rudi Johnson- 50CC
    1996 Crown Royale Eddie George RC-100CC

    The auctions end on Feb 5 at 5:00 PM.

    Each winner will pay 25CC for shipping and handling.

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    i am moving this auction to the main auction board.
    your bids will still stand, and it will have the same end date.

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