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Thread: Would Anybody Want This?

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    Would Anybody Want This?

    I'm in trade talks with a guy, and the only reason I would get this card is to use as trade bait. I'll be looking for Panthers stuff... but would anybody be interested in this card??? Need to know before I go any further with the trade...

    The Card Is:

    Jerry Rice---2002 Fleer Authentix Stadium Classics Combo #SC-JR--(GU 49ers Jersey & Stadium Seat & #'d 056/100)

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    Someone might, but I wouldn't. I really haven't seen too many people jumping at jerry rice cards. What else does he have James?

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    i might want it who do u like besides panthers.... i ahve a lamr smith jsy/309 lmk

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    LoL, Grant the only other thing he had that I even considered was a Marino "Yard Markers" jersey.... To whoever's interested, I'm ONLY going to be wanting Carolina Panthers stuff... Thanks!

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    Hey, I'm sorry, I don't remember which one that was... what was it?

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