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    2002 Fleer Tradition Update GLOSSY.

    I just made a trade with myers39 on the 02 Fleer Tradition Update and started thinking about doing the SP set(1-100) but only doing the GLOSSY set. Card are numbered to 0/200. I only have these so if you have any please LMK and we'll try and work something out. Thanks and I need alot of help on this GLOSSY set....Dan
    Cards I have:
    U9,U15,U50,U52 and U61

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    dunn - I remember seeing someone's tradelist on here had the Prior FT, If i can remember who it was i will let you know.

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    roger16...Just doing the SP (1-100) set. Thanks for the offer....Dan

    myers39...Thanks guy,LMK if you find out.....Dan

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    have these:

    2002 Fleer Tradition Update Glossy/200
    U34 Snyder 170/200 U35 Ascencio 89/200 U36 Huckaby 67/200 U44 Bard 153/200 U50 German 154/200 U70 Young 143/200 U123 Cordero 116/200 U142 Ohka 67/200 U181 Weaver 76/200 U181 Weaver 84/200 U220 Kielty 99/200 U220 Kielty 107/200 U225 Relaford 89/200 U231 Park 004/200 U231 Park 196/200 U248 Schmidt 2/200 U251 Tejera 169/200 U400 Hunter 155/200

    Need cards on my www page. Also may need '04 Donruss lots.

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    j smeltz...I need the Prior but have nothing from your wants. Thanks....Dan

    dgrimes248...I only could find 03 Bowman Gold-Green #90 and Lugo #252. I also found (Not on your list) these.
    03 Donruss Team Heroes-Green #260,Gagne #264 and Quantrill #274 all Glossy(Not numbered)and from the 02 FTupdate- Green #U345~071/200 and Green #U361~008/200. All I need from the cards you have are numbers:U34,U35,U36,U50 and U70. I'm just doing the SP's which are cards 1 through 100. LMK if you can use any of the cards I posted. Thanks.....Dan

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    im very confused...

    the glossys were a parallel set (sort of) they were inserted in the Update packs, even though they covered the entire set.
    Ive got a bunch of them...
    what im understanding is that you want the glossy /200 of 1-100 only? if thats correct, ill go make a check

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    well heres a list of 1-100s ive got glossy /200

    #83 B Mayne, #73 J Gibbons, #43 S Cox, #26 A Lieter

    if you meant Update 1-100 ive got glossy /200

    #U28 J Cerda, #U76 B Backe

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    bdrr...Yes,it is the prospect cards, except #100 and that is Cliff Floyd in Red Sox uniform. Just want the cards #1 to #100 except for the cards I have which are U9,U15,U50,U52 and U61. Hope I cleared that up. Thanks and LMK.....Dan

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