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Thread: Card Show Pick-Ups

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    Card Show Pick-Ups

    These are the cards that i picked up at a local card show
    Leaf Certified Freshman Fabrics Michael Bennett Ball and 3 colored patch rookie /400**HOT** (NFT)
    Fleer Focus Certified Cuts Michael Bennett Auto (its on a check) (NFT)

    Ud Graded TJ Duckett rookie Jsy /125
    Ud Graded TJ Duckett rookie Graded 9

    SPx Nate Burlenson rookie Jsy Auto /1100 ** HOT **
    SPx Supreme Signatures Terrell Suggs
    Playoff Honors Robertson/Suggs jsy/ball (both) /75
    Hogg Hevan Terrell Suggs rookie jsy /750
    Mystique Burleson die-cut rookie /350
    Mystique Boller die-cut rookie /350
    Hot Prospect Kelley Washington rookie Jsy /750
    Fleer Authentix Bryant Johnson rookie balcony /250
    Topps Pristine Uncriculed Bryant Johnson rookie /1449
    Ultimate Collection Dallas Clark /750
    Topps Chrome Nick Barrnett
    Playoff Contenders Kevin Williams Auto rookie /764

    Sweet Spot Rookie Reece Gaines /999
    Mystique Ebi Die-cut rookie /600
    Mystigue Cabarkapa rookie /999

    Rickie Weeks(None of the weeks are for trade)
    Prestige Weeks rookie
    Fleer Authentix Weeks /1250 rookie
    Donruss Weeks Season Stat Line /78 **HOT!!!** rookie

    Lmk what ur intrested in.

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    SPx Supreme Signatures Terrell Suggs

    Im very interested in this

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    hehateme71- Just to let u kno what i got
    Eagles1fan5-nothing i could use beside the bozer patch

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