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    cards for trade

    Hi i am still trying to down size my basketball collection.I have cards rangeing from 88-present.Cards consisting of rookies,inserts,star cards,games used and autos.I am looking to move out alot of cards if anyone is intrested in tradeing or buying them.I have just about every player from the yrs of 88- present.Just looking to try and down size my sports collection as it has grown very big.Thanks for your time and hope to get some tradeing done.Email me at for a faster response

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    andrade -- do you have a wantlist of cards you are looking for?

    I am looking for Magic Johnsons and Kobes

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    podstock- i really dont collect any certain player,thats the main reason my collection grew so big.Do you have a tradelist or website i can look at.Looking to trade alot of cards for like 1 or 2 high end cards or if we can just work out a trade

    artemis- i dont have anything you need.Are you looking for anything else.

    here is a small portion of what i have for trade.Its VERY FAR from complete though

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    sorry, I don't have time to put all my cards on a website

    Normally, I wait for others to tell me what cards they need, then I go look.

    Thanks anyways

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