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    trying to get some $$$ to by my girl a gift for valentins, HELP A BROTHA OUT LOL
    i have put together 8 grab bags. each grab bag is $8. each one will have

    1 gu or auto
    2 inserts of star players
    1 #'d card
    2 rc's
    1 mini card
    2 base cards of super stars
    each bag will have a bv of $25 or more.

    1:2 bags will have extra cards
    (inserts, rc, #d cards ,ect.)

    every card will go out in a top loader.
    sorry i dont have pay pal.
    i take cash , checks or money orders
    dlvd will be $1 for every bag but if you buy 4 you only pay for 2 dlvd

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    what am i doing wrong i see people that sell these things for 10 bucks and they get 1 gu and 3 other cards .
    if you can help me out and tell me how to make this better plez let me know.

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    can you list some of the GU that will be put into these... also if you had paypal it would help a LOT

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