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    Need Tyrone Calico High-End RC's

    I need high-end RC's, like SPx, Topps Chrome, etc.

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    I wouldn't exactly classify topps chrome as a high end rc, but I do have his topps chrome rc. Also I have an sp authentic threads calico/mcnair dual gu. Do you have any Clinton Portis, Bethel Johnson, or 03 Bears rcs?

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    No...well, Chrome isn't the best example, but it's just like not a cheaper set. Hopefully you get what I mean....

    But no Bears, Portis, or Johnson. Any other particular wants...or I can send you a list? Or buy it cheap..?

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    a little list wouldnt hurt. if i dont see anything i like, you are more than welcome to pm me a cash offer.

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    2003 playoff absolute memorabilia Rookie Premiere Materials Tyrone Calico Game Used Jersey and Ball #/750

    bv $25

    pm me if interested....

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