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    Anyone need cards from these sets?

    Got plenty of extras if anyone needs some to complete a set or looking for a particular player. Just let me know what numbers you need and I can find them easy.

    Fleer series 1 and 2
    Upper Deck Fun Pack

    Stadium Club
    Stadium Club draft picks
    Upper Deck Fun Pack

    Stadium Club series 1
    Upper Deck SE

    1992 Stadium Club

    I'm looking for a few 1993 Topps finest, 1993 Fleer, or 1995 Pacific Prism's. Will buy, sell, or trade
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    I need these if you have them:

    1995 Upper Deck Special Edition 166 Ron Gant
    1995 Upper Deck Special Edition Gold 166 Ron Gant

    PM me if you have either of them.


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    Hi Could Use Blue Jays And if any Joe Carter

    LMK Mike
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    Give me a couple of days and I'll try to find some for you. I'm sure I'll have some, but without the numbers it make take me a day or too. Will let you know.


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    Mike, i have a 1995 pinnacle Joe Carter card...i will sell for some cc. also you have to send a SASE. lmk

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    I've found a 1993 Fleer All-Star insert #8 of 12 Joe Carter. This one and all the others I listed in the other PM are in excellent condition

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